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School of Economics Management
    The School of Economics and Management is the cradle of future managers for SMEs in western China. It focuses on the education to promote the development and core competencies of its students and promotes field education in an all-round way. It has carried out “11342” economics and management training with its own characteristics, enjoying raising quality in education and growing scale. The School of Economics and Management has around 5000 students and consists of two departments, the Department of Economics & Management and the Financial Accounting Department. The detailed information of majors is listed in the following table.


       The School boasts a faculty of professors, associate professors and outstanding young teachers, all with rich teaching experience and high academic performance. In order to train its students’ hands-on ability, the school has introduced a number of teachers with both profound theoretical knowledge and working experience in businesses, making up over 40% of the faculty. The school has also recruited some executives from well-known enterprises as visiting professors, teaching students systematically. This is quite popular among students.
        The school owns a complete set of hardware facilities with fourteen laboratories including Computerized Accounting, Accounting Simulation, E-commerce, Business Management and Business Strategies, etc. It has on-campus internship bases like the Taobao Start-up Training Base and the ERP Training and Internship Base. There are also a dozens of school-enterprise cooperation internship bases.

           The school keeps deepening its education reform and strengthening its management of teaching and the development of its programs. Students have witnessed significant improvement in their ability thanks to their application and the responsible and competent teachers. A good many students have achieved a lot in both national and provincial competitions in economic management field. The educational philosophy of the School of Economics & Management has been widely accepted by the community and businesses. As a result, its graduates enjoy very good job opportunities and offers. The average employment rate of its graduates has been more than 95% with a large number of its graduates taking the position of managers in some SMEs in western China. The enterprises run by its students have been growing in number and scale. The school is proud that a majority of its graduates are welcomed and praised by businesses and all walks of life.
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E-commerce Marketing
Marketing E-commerce
Human Resource Management  
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