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School of Computer Science
  The College of Computer Science, with more than 1,300 students, has two undergraduate programs and two diploma programs. They are listed in the following table.
  The concept of this school is realistic, innovative, tough and diverse. The aim of this school is to develop for the local economic and train for IT technology skills. The goal of this school is training to be skilled in software development, testing and maintenance, etc. Students can specialize in computer application, software and network technology development, design and maintenance. About its mode is that the combination of theory and practice, pay attention to the way of practice and innovation. School enterprise cooperation to promote teaching effectiveness.
  The College has 51 senior staff members including four professors, twenty associate professors, twenty-four lecturers and three teaching assistants, 55% of them with postgraduate level qualification. The knowledgeable and respectable teachers boast strong capabilities in research & development and rich teaching experience. The school is equipped with a strong team to serve for students, each class has one counselor to care for them and help them till they graduate. All teachers and counselors are working together to make sure that the students will have a bright future.

  The College adheres to its teaching principle of integrating theory with practice, strengthening field education and emphasizes on the training of practical abilities of its students. The curriculum of each program consists of 60% theoretical learning and 40% practica
l training so as to ensure that students have ample opportunities for experiments and hands-on practices. The College’s Laboratory Center, consisting of eighteen laboratories, offers a good environment for doing experiment and practices. They include Open Computer Laboratories, Computer Skills Training Laboratories, Open Software Laboratories, Microcontroller Laboratories, Embedded System Laboratories, Computer Networking Laboratories, Cisco Network Laboratories, EDA Laboratories, covering an area of over 2,000 square meters.
   The College of Computer Science aims at training application-oriented technical personnel and has launched joint educational programs with leading companies in IT industry. Every major is closely linked with a number of IT companies and enjoys a full range of school-enterprise cooperation from admissions, education, training, internship to graduates’ employment. The College has adopted the “3+1” training mode for its undergraduates and the “2+1” training mode for its diploma students. That means in the first three years for undergraduates and the first two years of college students, they are required to complete theoretical study, experiments and practices of various courses, while in their last year they go for expertise training and internships in IT companies. Those students will be directly recruited or recommended by the IT companies they have interned in upon graduation.
  Graduates of the College of Computer Science are equipped with strong professional skills and overall of high quality. Hence, the employment rate undergraduates and college graduates exceeds 98% each year.
Undergraduate Diploma
Computer Science and Technology Applied Computer Technology
Digital Media Technology Applied Digital Media Technology
Internet of Things Technology Internet of Things Technology
   Mobile Application Technology