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School of Architectural Engineering

 The School of Architectural Engineering focuses on training of technical personnel for national construction and the development of western China. The faculty boasts outstanding teaching abilities, rich engineering experience and good academic performance. This group of dedicated teachers includes 35% professors and associate professors, forming a rational structure with regard to both title and age, which is conducive to sustainable development of the teacher team.

The college of Architectural engineering offers two programs for undergraduates and four diploma programs. The detail information of its majors are listed in the following table.
The school provides application-oriented education for its undergraduates and focuses on training of practical abilities and techniques required by future jobs, after graduation. The school’s 85% of the faculty h
as both theoretical knowledge and engineering experience, holding Teacher Certificate and Engineer Certificate.
The School of Architectural Engineering offers four programs and has four laboratories. The faculty teaches basic theories and professional knowledge and provides training of basic engineering skills. They attempt to train application-oriented talents according to the needs of society through developing innovative teaching mode.

Undergraduates Courses Diploma Courses
Engineering Cost Engineering Cost
Building Electrical and Intelligence
Building Electrical and Intelligence Construction Equipment Engineering
Civil Engineering Construction Project Supervision