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School of Accounting
    Institute of finance, Sichuan Institute of economics and management. Financial management specialty was founded in 2006, is one of the first schools to set up professional colleges and universities, the first enrollment in September 2006, after more than 10 years of development, is currently the first major college, nearly 5000 students in school. The Institute has three undergraduate majors in accounting, financial management, auditing, and other accounting, financial management, auditing, accounting and accounting of the four professional.
    Accounting Institute has a noble teacher, teaching experience, a higher level of academic teachers, the formation of a professor, associate professor led, outstanding young teachers as the backbone of the teacher structure. In order to strengthen the cultivation of students' practical ability, the introdu
ction of a number of both profound professional knowledge, more enterprise long-term practical experience of the "Double Teachers", also hired a group of well-known business executives as a college professor, teaching management system off course, welcomed by the students. At present, the "double qualified teachers" in accounting school account for more than 30% of the total number of teachers.
   School of deepening teaching reform, strengthen teaching management and professional construction, teaching rigorous, studious students, ability is greatly improved, a group of students achieved excellent results in the national economy and discipline management professional competition. School running idea and talent training mode has been widely recognized by enterprises and society, the graduate student employment situation is good, good industry, continuously improve the quality of employment, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Western China from the managers, students entrepreneurial enterprises are to thrive, the majority of graduates by enterprises and all sectors of society welcome and praise.
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