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   Ms. Claude Vivier Le Got, CEO of Economics, Arts and Communication (EAC) Group visited Chengdu College on Monday 27th October 2014.
Founded in 1985, the EAC Group is a Business School of Arts, Culture and Luxury recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. EAC recruits students from all levels from around the world, and delivers five state-certified diplomas (level 1 and 2). EAC has its campuses in Paris, Lyon, Nice and Monaco. EAC enables students to develop managerial skills in the field of arts and culture.
   EAC students have been able to work in the field of arts and culture with some very famous companies. EAC started a new unique program of gemology after acquiring the ING in 2007. This institutes works with some very famous luxury designer brands with the likes of Channel, GUCCI, and Louis Vuitton etc.
   The objective of Ms. Vivier’s visit to Chengdu College was to discuss different possibilities of establishing a program for our students giving them an opportunity of furthering their studies in France. The meeting was attended by our Chancellor Madam Meng, Head of the Foreign Language department Mr. Huang, Director and Deputy Director of the International Office Mrs. Hu Yan and Mr. Shakir Quresh. Different possibilities was discussed and proposals were made.
   After the meeting Ms. Vivier had a tour of Chengdu Campus visiting different faculties of the College. She visited the Exhibition Studio in Arts & Design College and appreciated the work of our students. She was impressed by Chengdu College’s working style and how the College has developed so much in such a short time.
   At the end of the visit she wished for both the institutes to work closely together in the future and support one another. We thank her for giving us an opportunity to provide our students with more versatile prospects.