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Sichuan Technology & Business University (STBU),previously Sichuan Normal University Chengdu College (SNUCC), was established in 2001. After a successful transformation in January 2015 the University got the status of independent institute from its mother University, approved by the Ministry of Education.On Tuesday 12th May 2015, Sichuan Technology & Business University (STBU) held aceremony in its Meishancampus to celebratethe successful transformation from Sichuan Normal University Chengdu College to Sichuan Technology &Business University.Marking that STBU will continue to develop and improve the education environment for its students and nurture the teaching standards.
The ceremony was attended by honorable distinguished guests fromMinistry of Education, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Meishan government and Sichuan Normal University. The ceremony was inaugurated with a speech delivered by the head of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, congratulating STBU on its achievement and wishing STBU a prosperous future, towards the end of his speech he announced the successful transformation of STBU and presented the official documentation to the chairperson.


The chairperson of STBU, Ms. Wang Liu Zhang, received the documents followed by her speech. In her speech, she stressed that this transformation is an important milestone in her career and the College.Since its foundation the College has been continuously developing and improving its teaching standards and other facilities for the students. She also thanked all the people involved in this successful transformation including, our teachers, staff members, government department officials and their staff, with whose support this achievement was made possible.
Mr. Li Jun, leading the experts team, also congratulated the staff members on this achievement and pointed out that successful transformation of Sichuan Normal University ChengduCollege is an achievement of the development of the education sector reform in Sichuan. In January 2015, after a comprehensive discussion, the participating experts unanimously voted in approval for this transformation. STBU is the first institute to receive a hundred percent of votes in its favor. This was an achievement in itself, due to its rarity. The successful transform marks the
beginning of a new journey of historical development. He said that under the leadership of the government, along with the Meishan municipal party committee and government support and people from different walks of life, Sichuan Technology & Business University will continue to make greater prosperity.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Chancellor Prof. Meng Hong in her speech said that we will continue to make a contribution to education. The vice president of Sichuan Normal University also congratulated STBU and extended well wishes for the future. 

STBU International Affairs Office