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School of Humanities

  The College of Humanities is an education and research institute made up by excellent teachers from various disciplines such as Literature, Education, Media, Laws, Management and Arts. The College boasts a high-caliber faculty with high political quality, reasonable age structure, compound knowledge, rich teaching experience and strong research capability. The College has seventy-four full-time and part-time teachers including two National Outstanding Teachers, two Provincial Excellent Teachers, four teachers with overseas studying experience. There are twenty-one full-time professors and associate professors, accounting for 29% of the faculty.
   The school has three undergraduate programs and two diploma programs for its students to choose. The detail information of its majors are as follows.
  The College advocates the educational philosophy of “Knowledge and Action”, attaches great importance to field education, strengthens practice of its students and focuses on working closely with employers. Its students won first prize in CHALLENGE CUP National College Students Business Plan Competition (Tianfu Software Park), third prize in the final of Brand Planning Contest of National Business College Students’ Skills Competition, third prize in National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students in 2011. And in 2012, a student won a first prize and two students won “Excellent Work” in Colleges Photography Education Promotion Award at the Fourth Chinese College Students Modern Photography Contest. In the same year, two programs of social work were given Excellence Award in Social Working Programs for Jiangsu Women Solicitation and Assessment and its students have attended innovative social management projects at various levels of city and county government. The year 2012 also witnessed the third prize in National Final of “Nanjing YOG” Special Design Competition of National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students. The College of Humanities was honored as “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization among Higher Education Institutes in Sichuan Province” and two training programs of innovation and entrepreneurship were approved by the Ministry of Education in 2013. In 2013’s Fifth National College Advertising Art Competition (Sichuan Division) - the College secured three second prizes and three third prizes.

  The College boasts a team of teachers with both with profound theoretical knowledge and working experience in businesses, who are able to guide their students effectively to obtain two certificates upon graduation (degree diploma + vocational certificates), ensuring a high employment rate and the quality of employment. The graduation rate was 100%, degree awarding rate was 100% and employment rate was 98.3% in 2012. 2013 witnessed 100% graduation rate, 100% degree awarding rate and 99.7% employment rate. Some students have been admitted by postgraduate schools of Sichuan University, Sichuan Normal University, etc. The graduates work in government agencies, news media organizations, enterprises and institutions, and are highly valued by employers.

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