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School of Foreign Languages
  The College of Foreign Languages has around more than 2000 students and consists of two departments, English language department and Japanese language department. The detail information of its majors is listed in the following table.


   The students will have basic courses in the first two years and then attend professional courses in their high grade. The school is equipped with 17 professional language laboratories including one advanced interpretation laboratory, one cross-border comprehensive laboratory and one international trade /senior translators comprehensive training room. The school aims at caring for students with heart, preparing and teaching every class carefully.
   Adhering to the philosophy of developing high-caliber practical foreign languages talents with new mechanisms, the College of Foreign Languages adopts the teaching and management mode of foreign language as basis + specialization+ vocational skills. Responding to the urgent call of modern economic society, it strives for continuous innovation and attempts to nurture application-oriented and innovative foreign language talents with technical skills.
   The English department possesses eighty-seven staff including fourteen professors, twelve associate professors, three teachers who have doctor’s degree, five teachers with overseas studying experience and two foreign teachers. The Japanese department owns eight full-time teachers including two professors, three associate professors, three teachers with overseas studying experience and one foreign teacher.
The college foreign language teachers actively participate in scientific researches, teaching reform and writing textbooks. The school boasts two provincial projects, two municipal projects and four college projects. “American Literature” course was named as the provincial quality course in 2008. Professors Huang Yi’s science book was awarded as the “National Outstanding Social Science and Popular science book. This is the first time that foreign language circles won the national social science popularization awards in Sichuan Province.
   Students can own some certificate during the time at school, which including High School Teacher Qualification Certificate, Test for English Majors Band Four and Band Eight, Test for Japanese Majors Band Four and Band Eight, Tour Guide Qualification Certificate, Foreign Secretary Certificate, Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC),Assistant Cross-border Electronic Commerce Teacher Certificate, Electronic Documents Division Certificate, Certificate of Foreign Language Translation, International Commercial Vouching Clerk Certificate, Tourism Planning Division Certificate, Exhibition Planning Division Certificate etc.


     In addition, students have actively participated in various competitions and achieved gratifying results. In 2013, its students received a second prize in the National Vocational College English writing contest (Sichuan Division), won the third prize in the "FLTRP Cup" National English writing contest (Sichuan Division). In 2014, three students were awarded first, second and third prize in the fifth "FLTRP Cup" in Higher Vocational College English writing contest (Sichuan Division) and the fifth "FLTRP Cup" College English Writing Contest National Finals prize. Forty students were awarded first, second and third prize in National English Contest for College Students (for English Majors) held in last three years.
     The College’s curriculum is set in accordance with the needs of the job market and its education is attached to socio-economic development, which reflects its educational philosophy of “solid foundation of foreign languages, distinctive features of specialization and outstanding vocational skills”. Twelve Professional Language Laboratories including a Computer Language Laboratory of Foreign Trade Documents are available in the College, ensuring timely and effective online learning on the parts of its students. The advanced facilities also enable English lovers to make better use of their spare time and improve their proficiency in English.
    The College has established five student organizations including “English Lovers’ Association”, “Japanese Association” and “Eloquence and Communication Association”. It holds activities like “English Corner”, “OFFICE HOUR” and “Japanese Island” every week so that its students have more chance to communicate with foreign teachers and practice their speaking ability.
    The College has established twenty internship and employment bases and talent training bases. It has short-term programs for self-study examinations for higher education and upgrading examinations for 3-year specialty diploma students to become undergraduates. The College has also launched an overseas internship, work and study programs in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Thailand. Outstanding graduates will be chosen to do their internships off-campus or study abroad, which provides its students ample opportunities to teach, intern and work. The average graduation rate is 99.7 %; degree awarding rate is 94.4%; the employment rate lies at 95.1%. Dozens of students have been admitted as postgraduates by some well-known university such as Sichuan University, Southwest University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in the past a few years.

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